Become a Supporter of Virtual Dinners for Good


Kitchens for Good welcomes you to be a part of Virtual Dinners for Good, a signature virtual cooking demo with renowned local chefs. Whether you partner with Kitchens for Good by matching the donations at Dinners for Good or providing an in-kind product donation you'll be making a difference in the lives of San Diegans. All proceeds help support kitchens for Good's efforts to nourish families in need and help launch the careers of culinary apprentices who are overcoming histories of incarceration, homelessness and foster care

Contact for more information or to become a supporter.

Support Levels

MASTER CHEF - Donation Match

  • Donation match supporter designation on event website and all social media posts.

  • Shoutout throughout the event with company website posted in chat room for attendees

  • Logo on all e-mail marketing

EXECUTIVE CHEF - Product Donation


  • Recognition on event website and social media posts

  • Verbal shout out throughout the event with company/product website posted in chat room for attendees

  • Chefs & Mixologists will feature product in recipes

  • Logo on all e-mail marketing

CHEF DE CUISINE - Company Donations


  • Recognition on event chat room with link to company website

  • Logo with website link on thank you e-mail blast